Lets face it, everyone's wedding has been hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this doesn't mean that you have to cancel everything! Whether or not you decide to go ahead with your wedding date or reschedule for a future date is a big decision, and either decision requires a lot of planning.

For those who have decided to keep their wedding date, here are six tips to help you replan your wedding during this time of social distancing.

1) Keep an open mind!

  • No, this will not be the dream wedding you've been envisioning since you got engaged. But that's okay!
  • Remember, the most important elements will still be there. You will still have your family and friends to support you.
  • You can still have the flowers and cake...just at a much smaller scale (and you can still help support local businesses that are currently struggling during this time)

2) Contact your venue and vendors ASAP!

  • For those brides who booked their vendors prior to the quarantine, review your contracts and see what accommodations your venue/vendors can make. Not all vendors are providing refunds for the retainer, but most vendors are trying to come to a compromise/arrangement with their clients.

3) Immediate family only

  • Those closest to you are probably already in contact with you on a regular basis, so invite them over. This doesn't mean you need to invite all your cousins, but why not your parents and siblings? Just make sure to follow CDC guidelines regarding gatherings.
  • The rest of your friends and family can join in virtually using Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live

4) Virtual consultations

  • You may not be able to do a hair trial through Skype, but you can have virtual consultations with many other vendors. (Second Summer Bride has put a lot of effort into helping brides find their dream dress virtually.) Unlike a phone consultation, you can still view samples of a vendors work through Zoom or FaceTime.

5) Dress up!

  • It's okay to wear your wedding dress in your living room/backyard ceremony. Or choose a more casual dress that makes you feel good.
  • The groom can still wear a suit too!

6) Downsize

  • You may have no need for a three tier cake or a hall full of roses, but you can still have a miniature cake and bouquet. Places like Megan's Bake Shop create beautiful 4" cakes that can feed anywhere between 4-7 people. And Flowers by Jordan Marie still has supplies available to create bouquets. Need a wedding officiant? Have a close family member get certified online and perform your ceremony. You can even have a certified wedding officiant perform your ceremony through Zoom. Cindy Wilding is an awesome wedding officiant who provides customized/personalized wedding ceremonies.
  • So pop the champagne, cut the cake, and toss your bouquet to your single sister!
  • And remember, you can always have a large reception when things start to settle down!

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